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Guardian Angel Gold Package

Guardian Angel Gold is your first step into fulfilling your life purpose and aligning yourself with your unique and magnificent potential with your Guardian Angel.

Archangel Sessions are your chance to hear exactly what the Angels would like you to know.

What can the Angels help me with?

Everything you experience as a challenge in your life, is an area which the Archangels can help you to understand, master and leave behind. Forever.
It’s never too late, too big, too old, too insigni cant, too selfish, too entrenched, too predestined, too ingrained. The Angels offer you a life changing opportunity to transform your life.

Step into Guardian Angel Gold. Advance deeply into your life purpose and align yourself with your unique and magnificent personal potential.

  • Guardian Angel Session – 60 minutes

  • Guardian Angel Focus Band Session – 60 minutes
  • Guardian Angel Portrait

Guardian Angel Session

In a 60 minute Guardian Angel Session you will provide you with your Guardian Angel’s name and a full description of his or her colours along with their unique meaning and personal significance to you.

You will also receive your Guardian Angel’s personal messages and guidance and have the opportunity to ask up to 3 questions

Focus Band Session

In a 60 minute Focus Band you will unlock the vast personal potential of the area of your life that offers you maximum advancement into your fulfilling your life purpose.

Unlock your complete personal potential and fulfill your life purpose with your Focus Band Session.

Guardian Angel Portrait

Welcome your Guardian Angel portrait into your home and keep your Life purpose close and clear.

Seeing your Guardian Angel for the very first time is a moment that many say they will never forget.

You will receive a JPEG file of your Guardian Angel’s colours and bands so you can create your own high quality print to display at home or upload it instantly onto your phone, tablet, laptop or PC.

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