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Angel Readings with Ros

Your opportunity to change your life with your Guardian Angel is offered as a Zoom / Skype / Phone call anywhere in the world. All readings are recorded for you to listen to time and time again as MP3 recordings. Reach out to your Guardian Angel and let’s connect.

Guardian Angel Readings

Guardian Angel Reading

Verum - Diane

Children’s Guardian Angel Reading

Focus Band Guardian Angel Sessions

Guardian Angel Focus Band Session

Angel Oracle Card Readings

6 Month Guardian Angel Oracle Card Reading with Ros Place

6 Month Guardian Angel Oracle Card Reading

Angel Oracle Card Readings with Ros Place

Angel Oracle Card Reading

What People Love About Ros

by Lilja on Angels-with-Ros

What an inspirational, loving Superpower woman you truly are!!! 💜

by Anna Sherman on Angels-with-Ros
A Real Eyeopener

It has been a really eyeopener for me how to clarify and come close to the archangels Michael and Metatron from Ros clear, safe and loving guidance… view more