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Your opportunity to change your life with your Guardian Angel is offered as a Skype or phone call anywhere in the world, or as a remotely recorded reading to suit any schedule. All sessions are recorded for you to listen to time and time again as MP3 recordings. Reach out to your Guardian Angel and let’s connect.

Guardian Angel Readings and Sessions

Guardian Angel Reading

Focus Band Guardian Angel Session

Children’s Guardian Angel Reading

Oracle Card Sessions

6 & 12 Month Angel Oracle Card Sessions

Angel Perspective Oracle Card Sessions

Past, Present & Future Oracle Card Sessions

Life Purpose Success with your Guardian Angel

Life Purpose Success With Your Guardian Angel – 5 Bands

Life Purpose Success With Your Guardian Angel – 6 Bands

Life Purpose Success With Your Guardian Angel – 7 Bands

Guardian Angel Packages

Guardian Angel Packages are your opportunity to advance deeply into your life purpose and align yourself with your unique and magnificent personal potential.

Guardian Angel Packages will take you from the very beginning of your relationship journey with your Guardian Angel and guide you deeply into fulfillment of your life purpose.

Each Guardian Angel Package will advance you powerfully into life purpose success and guide you to maximum fulfillment.

Please click below to find out more about each package:

Somnia - Denise

Guardian Angel Portraits

Welcome your Guardian Angel Portrait* into your home and keep your Life Purpose close and clear.

Seeing your Guardian Angel for the very first time is a moment which many say they will never forget.

With your Guardian Angel Portrait, you will also receive:

  • Name of your Guardian Angel
  • Meaning of their name
  • Colours
  • Number of bands
  • Meanings of the bands

You will receive a high resolution JPEG file of your Guardian Angel’s colours and bands so you can create your own high quality print to display at home or upload it instantly onto your phone, tablet, laptop or PC.

Welcome your Guardian Angel Portrait into your home and create a closer and clear reminder of your beautiful life purpose forever.

*Images by David Zydd. David and I enjoy collaborating to create your Guardian Angel Portraits. I explain to David exactly what your Guardian Angel looks like, and he creates your beautiful Guardian Angel Portrait. David Zydd is a digital graphic designer and artist. David loves to experiment with colours and geometric shapes. You can find more of David’s online art at: David Zydd at Society6 ZyddArt at Zazzle.

Archangel Directed Guidance Sessions

Archangel sessions are your opportunity to receive personal guidance and clear advice from the Archangels, about any area of your life.

The Archangels are specialised Angels, each with an area of divine specialism who will advise, guide and direct you as to the most powerful way to approach or change a difficult situation.

Archangels are able to support you to find out exactly what you want from life. Discovering the way out of all of your problems and into what you really want in life is an extremely powerful step which the Angels will successful and easily achieve with you.

The Archangels will guide and direct you with refreshing clarity, release you from your fears and support your to creating positive changes and outcomes in your life without limitation.

The Archangels will never tell you that your problems are exaggerated and they are always open to you. An Archangel Session offers you an opportunity to receive immediate Angelic guidance together with instant and clear direction. Archangel Sessions are your chance to hear exactly what the Angels would like you to know.

Archangel Directed Guidance Session

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