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Guardian Angel Diamond Package

Guardian Angel Diamond is highly concentrated life purpose elixir. It is a potent Guardian Angel package which will take you into discover and live your life purpose. Your unique and magnificent potential is awakened, activated and lived. A breathtakingly effective and life purpose activating package which will change your whole life for the better.

  • Guardian Angel Session – 60 minutes
  • Guardian Angel Focus Band Session – 60 minutes
  • Guardian Angel Portrait
  • 12 Month Guardian Angel Oracle Card Session
  • Complete Life Purpose Success with Your Guardian Angel – Level 1

Step into Guardian Angel Diamond and experience the ultimate life purpose fulfillment opportunity with your Guardian Angel. Fulfill your unique and magnificent potential offer the highest, most positive and most valuable version of yourself.

Guardian Angel Session

In a 60 minute Guardian Angel Session you will provide you with your Guardian Angel’s name and a full description of his or her colours along with their unique meaning and personal significance to you.

You will also receive your Guardian Angel’s personal messages and guidance and have the opportunity to ask up to 3 questions

Focus Band Session

In a 60 minute Focus Band you will unlock the vast personal potential of the area of your life that offers you maximum advancement into your fulfilling your life purpose.

Unlock your complete personal potential and fulfill your life purpose with your Focus Band Session.

Guardian Angel Portrait

Welcome your Guardian Angel portrait into your home and keep your Life purpose close and clear.

Seeing your Guardian Angel for the very first time is a moment that many say they will never forget.

You will receive a JPEG file of your Guardian Angel’s colours and bands so you can create your own high quality print to display at home or upload it instantly onto your phone, tablet, laptop or PC.

Angel Oracle Card Reading

A 12 Month Oracle Card Session provides focused month by month life purpose clarity and direction from your Guardian and these readings are ONLY available in Platinum and Diamond Packages.

Life Purpose Success

Complete Life Purpose Success with Your Guardian Angel – Level 1. The first four bands of your Guardian Angel’s aura are the bedrock to successful fulfillment your life purpose.

Life Purpose Success with Your Guardian Angel is your opportunity to ensure that you and your Guardian Angel work together to create a complete expression of your life purpose.

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