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Guardian Angel Readings with Ros

Reveal Your Life Purpose

Discover Your True Calling in Life

“The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.”

Mark Twain

By the end of your Guardian Angel Reading you will know…

Your Angel’s Name

Unique and beautiful. Your Angel’s name will be revealed to you.

Solida - Dante

Your Angel’s Number

Essential and meaningful. Your Angel’s number will accurately guide you and direct you.

Somnia - Denise

Your Angel’s Colours

Breathtaking and Inspirational. Your Angel’s exquisite colours have personal significance completely for you.

Oregina - Sara

Your Angel’s Portrait

Lasting and constant. Your Angel’s portrait creates a tangible and forever bond for you.

Invenia - Priya

Your Life Purpose

Life-Affirming Bliss. Your special reason for being and your true life purpose will be activated and opened to you.

Oregina - Sara

Your True Calling

Spark of inspitation. Your happiness will blossom with the passions highlighted to you.

Your Personal Message

Happiness Boost. Your Angel’s personal message will guide daily fulfilment to you.

Your Forever Connection

Life long connection. Your beautiful Forever Connection Certificate will keep your Angel active in your life and always connected to you.

Your Guardian Angel made a promise to you…

Your Angel made a promise to you before you were born.

A promise to spend a whole lifetime by your side.

Your Guardian Angel promised to guide you to your life purpose.

Promised to do everything possible to show you your true calling.


Your Angel is always holding true to the promise they made to you.

• Your dreams are your Angel trying to deliver messages to you.

• Coloured orbs can be your Angel trying to catch your eye.

• White feathers are ‘I love you’ from your Angel.

• Excitable pets in raptures or staring at a spot on the wall is a sign your Angel is present.

• Clouds shapes in the sky above you are your Angel trying to been seen by you.

• Numbers are on repeat or your favourite digits are your Angel giving you a personal message.

• 11.11 make a wish! Your Angel is encouraging you to keep going forwards.

• Hearing your name called out when no one is there is your Angel’s voice calling you.

• Overflowing Love and feeling of deep happiness and gratitude out of the blue is your Angels energy reaching you.


Your Guardian Angel will always hold true to the promise they made to you.

Your Angel needs your permission to guide you to your life purpose and your true calling.

And the best time to act is now.

Your Angel Makes Life Special and Meaningful Again…

Your Guardian Angel’s Name

Your Guardian Angel’s name has a unique meaning and important significance to you and your purpose. Very often I am told that an Angel’s name feels familiar and instantly comforting. Knowing your Angel’s name means that you can always communicate clearly in a way that feels like second nature.

Your Guardian Angel’s Number

Your Guardian Angel’s number reveals an important character message. Regularly I am told that an Angel’s number perfectly describes your personality. Your Angel’s number brings clarity and direction. Knowing your Angel’s number means that after what may have been missing your entire life you will finally understand all that makes you special.

Your Guardian Angel’s Colours

Your Guardian Angel’s colours are your unique life purpose in colour. Each colour has a meaning that relates directly to your reason for being alive. It is usual for your Angel colours to have been life long favourite colours without ever realising why. Knowing your Angel colours will reveal and accurately guide you to your true calling.

Life Affirming Bliss

Your Guardian Angel made a promise to you before you were born. A promise to guide you to your life purpose. Your life purpose is the key to your personal happiness in life. Life-affirming bliss, enthusiasm to proceed and a renewed passion and for life will all flow. Knowing your life purpose will make good the promise your Angel made to guide you to your happiest and most fulfilling life.

Life-Long Connection

Your Guardian Angel has a personal and clear message to deliver to you. Your personal message is your North Star. Clear and easy to follow it is your message to align you with your life purpose and true calling. Knowing your Angel’s personal message gives you your own personal reference point to see your life blossom into happiness.

Real-life Angel promises.

Life purpose and true calling. Forever connections made good.

Every Guardian Angel you portrait you see here is an Angel promise made good. You can see a beautiful gathering of some of the hundreds of Angels making good their promises with people just like you.
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Verum - Diane
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Invenia - Priya
Somnia - Denise
Oregina - Sara
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