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Life Purpose Success with your Guardian Angel – 7 Bands

Thoroughly exploring each band of your Guardian Angel’s aura will lead you to successful fulfillment your life purpose.

Life Purpose Success with Your Guardian Angel – 7 Bands is your opportunity to work together to create a complete expression of your life purpose.

Your Guardian Angel’s number of bands will be revealed in a Guardian Angel Session.

Life Purpose Success with Your Guardian Angel – 7 Bands includes:

  • 7 Individual 60 minute One to One Sessions

  • Your Guardian Angel Portrait

Core Band

Defining & Knowing Your Authentic Self
The focus of the Core Band session will be to acknowledge yourself completely, and to know yourself in the most positive and authentic terms. Your Guardian Angel will help you to define yourself positively and understand your immense value through being you.

Relationship Band

Attracting And Creating Optimal Relationships
The focus of the Relationship Band session is to align yourself with the most healthy, successful and fulfilling relationships. Your Guardian Angel will show you what you can do to develop new and transform existing relationships in your life.

Expression Band

Sharing Your Unique Purpose
The focus of the Expression Band session is to share the energy and passion inside your heart. Your Guardian Angel will identify this passion and support you to find a way to share it which honors you and your life purpose.

Career Band

Activating Career Success
The focus of your Career band is to activate your life purpose through taking steps into the life’s work you have come to share through your career. Your Guardian Angel will direct you as to where to focus your energy and action steps to take you into fulfilling your life purpose through your career.

Freedom Band

Liberating Your Potential
The focus of your Freedom Band is to establish ultimate freedom in order to achieve your complete life purpose. When you are free, you are open and thinking, acting and functioning in optimal ways. Freedom to achieve success and offer yourself in the highest and most valuable way will lead to in nite success through fulfillment of your life purpose.

Service Band

Serving Others Through Your Purpose
Those with Guardian Angels with 6 Bands are presented with an opportunity to achieve an empowering balance. Serving others is a deep purpose which can take over and distract them from their own deeper purpose. Understanding how to honor and priortise yourself will propel you into your own life purpose ful llment and ways to really help others.

Study & Growth Band

Focusing Your Growth
If your Guardian Angel has 7 Bands then you are here with a thirst, hunger and seemly endless motivation to learn and grow. This is an extremely powerful almost physical experience. 7ers are likely to be studiers, academics and deeply spiritual individuals who love to feel themselves increase through learning. The focus in this band is to find focus for study and feel satisfying and successful growth.

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