Archangel Raphael

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Project Description

Raphael Archangel of Healing

Archangel Raphael is the Archangel of Health and Wellbeing

Emerald Green

Green Aventurine


Healing & Wellbeing

Primary Role:
Increase the levels of Wellbeing in your Life

Areas of your life:
Physical, Spiritual and Emotional Wellbeing

Archangel Raphael is the Healing Angel and sometimes referred to the Angel of Wellbeing.

He shines his bright emerald green aura and radiates a powerful healing light to all those who call upon him. Archangel Raphael will help you to heal from any situations, experiences or issues in your current life or past lives. He will also help you to develop your ability to heal others.

Healing in Every Way

Archangel Raphael can heal you from any emotional, physical or spiritual pain. He can heal you from traumas in your present life, your childhood or any other past period of current life experience. Archangel Raphael also works powerfully with Archangel Michael to heal you from any past life traumas or painful experiences which though forgotten, remain active in your soul’s memory. Raphael will not only enable you to receive healing for yourself but will also help you to develop your ability to heal others.

  • Raphael will help you to develop your ability to heal on all levels and in every way.
  • Call upon Archangel Raphael to help you to develop your own healing ability.
  • Ask Archangel Raphael to surround your loved ones with his emerald green healing aura.
  • Archangel Raphael can be called upon whenever you wish to feel more energized or vital.

Angel Oracle Card Exercise:

Take your favourite Angel Oracle Cards in your hands and fill them with love and all that love means to you. Allow your cards to become warmed by your hands. Gently shuffle your cards and take your time and enjoy your connection. Anticipate clarity and love from your cards; expect them to help you and they will.

When you are ready, ask the Archangel Raphael to provide you with his loving guidance and choose a card for each question:

Archangel Raphael, what is it you would like me to know today?
Archangel Raphael, how can I bring your energy and qualities more powerfully in to my life?
Archangel Raphael, how can I develop my healing ability?